When you’re looking for advice about what to do in an interview, Human Resources people will usually give you somewhat different answers to conventional wisdom. Their advice is well worth listening to, because they are usually directly involved in the interview process.

Preparing for the interview

Human Resources people will also give you a very sound advice about how to behave at, and what to do, in an interview situation. There are a few very basic but very important rules for preparing yourself for an interview:

  • Make sure that you are fully prepared for the interview – Ensure that you have a copy of the job description, and all other relevant information provided by the employer. Research the employer’s business, and familiarize yourself with the requirements of the position.
  • Interview clothes – Wear good business clothes, basically standard office wear. “Dress to impress” is fine, but don’t overdo it. The best and simplest option is to simply wear a basic business outfit. Above all, do not wear casual or loud clothes.
  • What to take to the interview – HR people will tell you that you should bring any necessary documentation, including statutory information like licences, or other required documents. If you need to bring electronic media, like the laptop, for the interview, make sure that your laptop is fully charged and operational. It doesn’t look good, if it isn’t.
  • What not to take to the interview – Either do not take your phone, or turn it off. If there’s one thing that annoys interviewers more than anything else, it’s a phone. A phone call during the interview simply makes you look badly organized, like you can’t even manage your own time.
  • Preparing for Equal Opportunity and Workplace Safety questions – Every employer has policies with which you should be familiar. You can ask Human Resources for this information, if required.

During the interview

Human Resources will also give you good advice regarding what to do in a successful job interview regarding interview procedures and how to interview situations. The basic rules of interviews are actually pretty simple, but many people forget them:

  • It’s OK to ask questions to help you answer an interview question – If you don’t understand a question, or need more information to answer the question, you are allowed to ask for clarification. Do not make the mistake of trying to answer a question which you don’t really understand. The result will inevitably be a mistake.
  • Don’t allow yourself to be distracted from your answers – Many interviewees actually distract themselves, when answering interview questions. This is usually a result of talking too much, but there is a real risk of going off topic. Keep your answers clear and to the point.
  • If you’re not sure whether or not you’ve adequately answered a question – You can ask the interviewer if you’ve given a sufficient answer or if they want more information. (You can actually do yourself a disservice in some cases, if you don’t think that your answer is adequate.)

Human Resources are your best source of information, if you’re not sure what to do during an interview. You can always ask them for help, if you need it.