Everybody prepares for interview questions, but very few people are prepared to ask their own questions at an interview. There are several good job interview questions which are well worth asking. This is a chance to get more information, and to find out more about the job. Don’t miss this chance.

Asking questions at job interviews can be difficult for some people. Many people don’t seem to think that they have a role in the interview other than answering interviewer questions. That’s not the case. Employers prefer interviewees to ask questions and show their interest in the job.

As a matter of fact, not asking questions may be a bad move. Employers may get the impression that you haven’t thought about the job, or taken much interest. That is definitely not the impression you want to give, and you can learn a lot, very quickly, simply by asking a few basic questions.

Sample questions you can ask at an interview

These are some of the most productive questions you can ask at a job interview:

  • What are the most important challenges in this job? – This is a good way of exploring important issues related to the job, and the answers can provide you with a lot of useful information. This question is particularly useful if one of the interviewers is directly involved in management of your job.
  • How are goals defined? – This question is much more complex than it looks. In many professional environments, how goals are defined is also directly related to performance requirements. The answer this question will provide you with a clear picture of performance issues and standards.
  • How does this job fit in to the business structure? – This is a comparatively uncommon question, but sometimes necessary, particularly in relation to project work, some types of sales jobs, and even management roles. You can expect a very informative answer to this particular question.
  • What are employer policies regarding academic studies and training? – This will be a particularly productive question to ask in any job interview. If you’re looking at additional qualifications, specialist training, professional certifications, or other training, this is a question you need to ask.
  • What are the employer’s goals in relation to this work? – If you’re going for a newly created job, this is a question which will deliver very interesting answers. For example, if a company is expanding, and your new job is part of that expansion, you will get a good overview of the company’s goals.

Preparing questions before the interview

The questions above are examples of basic questions. The right questions to ask at an interview are the ones for which you really want answers. When preparing for an interview, it’s a good idea to consider the things you really need to know about the job, the workplace, and other issues. Take a little time to prepare your questions for the interview. A few good job interview questions, focusing on your areas of interest, will deliver useful information.