Retirement home job interview questions may relate to a very broad range of issues, depending on the position and the type of retirement home facilities involved. Retirement home job interview questions will also include a range of behavioral and skills-based questions. You will need to study the position description, and familiarise yourself with operational requirements related to the job.

Please note: Frequently asked interview questions typically include standard interview questions and specialist, industry-related questions. The interview questions given here relate to on-site care and nursing positions in a retirement facility which caters for retirees needing medical supervision and care on a regular basis.

Interview Questions about Retirement

Interview questions and answers

  • Question: What are your greatest strengths?

Answer: I think my skills base and experience are my real strengths. I’m used to working long shifts, and organizing my work to meet new situations as they arise.

  • Question: How do you deal with a patient who always complains about everything?

Answer:I check out the complaints in detail. I do not ignore patient complaints, and if those complaints have merit, I refer them to the appropriate manager.

  • Question: Why do you want this job?

Answer: My career goal is to become a manager in the retirement industry. I see this position as a natural an important step on my career path.

  • Question: This is a hypothetical scenario – You are about to leave work having finished your shift and you are told that the replacement nurse cannot attend. What you do?

Answer: I remain at my post until alternative arrangements are made, or simply fill in for the absent person. It is out of the question to leave the position unattended.

  • Question: Where do you expect to be in five years, if you get this job?

Answer: I hope to be in a position to apply for more senior roles here, and to have gathered sufficient experience to qualify for those roles.

  • Question: A person in your care is experiencing symptoms which may require immediate medical procedures. What do you do?

Answer: In a situation where the patient is clearly at possible risk, I inform management ASAP and I take immediate action to ensure that medical assistance is sought. I may call an ambulance or if there is an on-site doctor, notify the doctor immediately.

Interview questions overview

As you can see, all of these questions relate to a combination of multiple issues related to the role. Some interview questions about salary relate to your employment, and others relate to practical issues regarding problem solving, and managing situations.

Please note that in a retirement home environment, the provision of medical care and nursing services may be round the clock shift work, involving working conditions similar to those in hospital.

If you’re an experienced nurse, you will be well aware of the requirements of this position. The retirement home environment is quite different from a hospital, but the duties are very similar. Use your nursing experience as the basis of your answers to practical questions. You’ll find the interview questions quite straightforward.

That said- Thoroughly familiarize yourself with the retirement industry and the specific facility for which you’ll be working. You’ll do well at the interview.